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    Conference system


    Conference system

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    An overview of the fashion STATE  
    * System host set conference discussion, video automatic tracking, voting functions in one.  
    * The system has automatic memory function when power is off, so it can also realize video tracking even if it is separated from the computer.  
    * From the computer and control panel can achieve automatic tracking camera function together  
    * Three-way unit port, up to 120 conference units can be connected, through expansion can access 2000 conference units,  
    * Telephone coupling can be configured for remote teleconference  
    * Up to 4 cameras can be configured,  
    * The connection between the system host and the camera adopts RS485 communication protocol,  
    * Connection between system host and computer, RS232 communication protocol,  
    * With Chinese and English LCD menu display screen, through function to realize the control of meeting function.  
    * Many meeting modes can be realized without computer  
    1: Free discussion mode, while the number of open units is not limited  
    2: Quantity restriction mode, the number of units opened at the same time can be set to 1/2/3/4/5/6,  
    3: FIFO mode: the number of speaking units 1/2/3/4/5/6 can be adjusted. Open the microphone later and close the microphone before opening the microphone.  
    4: Chairman mode: only the chairman can speak through the microphone  
    5: PTZ camera setting: realize automatic tracking function of camera  

    System technical parameters SPECIFICATIONS  
    Product NAME NAME: AY-2800 CONTROLLER  
    Input, output Input /output: 8p-DIN x 4  
    Input MIC: 6.3mm x 1 RCA x 2  
    Output output: XLRM×1(balance)RCA×1  
    Power supply: AC220V-50HZ  
    Current drain: 120W(MAX)  
    Frequency response: 100-14khz  
    Colour: dark grey  

    Ay-2800a /B(integrated speech and video tracking function)  
    Ay-2800c /D(integrated speech, video tracking and voting functions)  
    * Single pointing large capacitive microphone;  
    * Removable swappable gooseneck microphone with red speaking indicator ring;  
    * Microphone switch with two-color speaking status indicator aura;  
    * The microphone unit is provided with DC24V power supply by the system host, which is within the safe range  
    * Turn on the microphone speaker automatic mute function, with headphone jack and volume adjustment knob;  
    * Dual microphone input design (add collar microphone jack)  
    * Equipped with 2.1m 8P male cable and 8P female seat, the microphone is connected hand in hand  
    * The chairman has full control over the order of the meeting and can close the speaking unit;  
    * There is no limit to the number of chair cells and they can be placed in any position  

    System technical parameters SPECIFICATIONS  
    Product NAME: AY-2800A/B/C/D MIC UNIT  
    Input /output :(8p-din ×1) 8p-din ×1(2M)  
    Input INPUT MIC: MIC for single-directional capacitor microphone  
    DC24V(supplied by host)  
    Current drain: 40mA  
    Sensitivity Sensitvity: -47dB  
    SNR s/n: 65dB  
    Frequency response: 100-13khz  
    Color: silver/grey black  

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    Product serial number: AY-2800
    Conference system
    Retail price: 0.0 yuan
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